Friday, September 17, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 beta is out!!

Its been so many talks about IE9 platform preview and the examples of HTML 5 out there. But finally the first beta of Internet Explorer 9 is out to try from here. However, extra caution should be taken not to install it on a production environment as it will not reside side by side as the platform preview version rather replace the existing one. So, you better not to install it on your office pc. Finally I got it installed and really I was impressed with the rendering. And anyone seeking some real life examples of future HTML 5 native supports you should visit definitely and the site links it provides to experience some of the best HTML 5 based web sites available until now. The web is going beautiful!!! Check this out and who knows you might be next one to produce another beautiful site based on HTML 5 specifications implemented until now....have fun...

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