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The contents of the feature's solution requires the Solution Sandbox service to be running

If you are developing any Sandbox solution for Sharepoint 2010, then you may have faced an error while deploying any solution to your development server. The error in Visual Studio 2010 output window looks like this generally:
Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': This feature cannot be activated at this time. The contents of the feature's solution requires the Solution Sandbox service to be running.

The fix is simple. You must make sure that your "Sharepoint 2010 User Code Host" service is running. It is disabled by default installation. So, you have enable and run it. If you want to deploy the solution, then again you see the same error output. Actually, you have to make sure that this service's status is active in Central Administration Site. To see the status go to your Sharepoint 2010 Central Administration Application. Under System Settings > Manage services on server make sure that "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code…
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A first look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta

First beta version of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework 3 is ready to be downloaded from here and announcement from Scott Guthrie's blog. Significant changes have already been made to this version. You can go through the release documentation to have detail information on the new changes that are available with this release.

One of the newest edition is the "NuPack Package Manager". If you are a ruby developer, then it will not be a real ground-breaking idea as you are already using RubyGem from the first day of your ruby development career. For .NET platform it's comparatively newer concept. There are few other open source project already available for the same purpose. But there is always a better expectation associated with something from Microsoft itself from developers point of view. To read more on NuPack refere to the this article from Scott Hanselman. With this release Microsoft is going to make integration of third party libraries with .NET easier.

The new vie…

Microsoft developer guidance maps published

At work or even as a starter of any new technology we frequently try to search for the articles published for a particular portion of that technology, right? Specially if you are a Microsoft development platform enthusiast, then it gets really big in terms of documentation or tutorials. Microsoft recently published a new project about centralizing all the links and resources grouped by technologies. Its not huge, but it surely helps if you want to search for best articles for any particular technology. Its called Microsoft Developer Guidance Maps. You can read more on this on J. D. Meier's blog.
J.D. Meier's Blog

Can not install Devise gem with Ruby 1.9.2 on windows

I was having a try out of devise gem with one of my Rails 3 pet project just yesterday. I installed Ruby 1.9.2 with the one-click installer from and the latest Rails 3.0. But I faced installation problem as usual on windows. The problem was that it was not being able to build its native extensions.
After some research I found out the solution at What I was missing is development kit. I just followed the instruction and it was solved and installed devise with my Ruby 1.9.2 correctly.
But I am not sure whether it will work with Rails 3's bundle install command or not. I installed the gem from command line using the command gem install devise --platform=ruby before installing all the required gems with bundle install command . The last parameter platform is a must as it will temporarily use the DevKit to build native extensions. That's it.

Two new draft preview of visual studio 2010 and programming windows phone 7 series ebooks now downloadable!!

There are two new ebook of visual studio 2010 and programming windows phone 7 series are in draft preview and you can download it from the following links:

Have fun!!!

Error while starting Web Site Administration Tool

Have you ever run into problem like when you want to start your ASP.NET configuration application (WAT) on a browser and it shows something like the figure on the right side?

The solution is simple...:-) Just don't get bothered about the error message. Why in the world Microsoft does not support any white will remain a bit foolish mystery!! However folks just keep the project folder in a location which does not have any white space on its path. That's it!

Some links for starting off Rails 3 beta application development

Last 5 Feb, 2010 the rails 3 first public beta release was out. It is the most anticipated version from the view of developers as performance improvement will be significant. Refer to the release notes here at

Ryan has given a starting screencast at
Here at you will find some starting materials.