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Free-text search using acts_as_ferret plugin in ROR - Part I

Recently I had to implement free-text searching module in one of my rails application project. There are some plugins available on web for free-text searching in rails. Among them acts_as_ferret is recommended by most developers. I decided to give it a try. After I had got it running it was really a pleasant experience. Though you could also end up scratching your head if you don't get it up and running on your production server. I will share you my experiences during deployment in a production environment using Apache and Mongrel in follow up tutorials on ferret. In this tutorial I will give a little introduction to acts_as_ferret plugin and show you the power of ferret. There is a great tutorial for acts_as_ferret onrails envy tutorial.
What is acts_as_ferret?
Acts_as_ferret is a free-text search plugin for rails application. It is based on ferret(a high-performance ruby text search engine library based on Apache Lucene). This gives you the power of file based indexing cutting off…